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A Yardrat Teleporter in Dragonball Online.

The Yardrat are the dominant race of Planet Yardrat and are renowned not for their strength but for their strange abilities. They were being targeted by the Ginyu Special Force before Freeza called them over to Namek. Son Goku used one of their space pods to escape Namek and it auto-piloted to Yardrat. Son Goku spent at least a year with the Yardrat to learn from them, before returning to Earth. Son Goku learned the Yardrat Teleportation technique this way.

Planet Yardrat was destroyed between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Online, it's remains falling as asteroids on Earth. The Yardrat people came to live on Earth after this event.

In Dragonball Online, the Yardrat are shown and feature as a mode of transportation. The Yardrat have stands all over the world and teleport people (including the player) to others, provided the player has visitted them previously. The green Yardrat offer a bank, storage service as well and are usually located next to or near the teleporters.