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"The water of the gods is also a potent toxin. If you do not possess tremendous stamina, spirit, and will to live, you'll die instantly."-Karin Sen'nin (DB151)


This liquid more commonly known as the "Super Water of the Gods" is kept with Karin Sen'nin in his abode atop Karin's Pole. Unlike the fake Super Holy Water which merely served as a training objective, this water actually possesses magical powers when drunk. When consumed, it awakens any and all hidden power in the drinker, meaning it cannot boost the power of one who has already reached their limits. The catch however is that the water usually kills whoever drinks it, inflicting the drinker with excruciating pain for hours on end. 14 great martial artists drank the water in the past and died. Son Goku was the 15th to try it, and lived.


Karin Sen'nin owns the water.


Son Goku drank the water and after hours of struggling in pain, survived. It had been drunk 14 times prior, but none of the drinkers survived.