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Vegito is the potara fusion of Son Goku and Vegeta. (Known as Vegerot in niche corners of the fandom.) During the battle with Super Buu, the characters became desperate and were forced to take up drastic measures. After Son Goku got his life back from the elder kai dying and coming back as an angle , he teleported back to Earth with the potara earrings, with the intention of fusing with Son Gohan. However, Son Gohan dropped the potara earring and son gohan was absorbed by Super Buu before he could find it.

Vegeta returned from the dead to fight Buu using the 24 hour ressurection loop-hole organized by Uranai Baba. As soon as Son Goku sensed Vegeta's energy, he approached him and pleaded with him to wear the potara. Vegeta agreed in a tense moment as Buu (Buu-han) rapidly approached, creating the perfect fusion, Vegito.

Vegito possessed a combination of Vegeta's intelligence and braveness, as well as Son Goku's intuition and kind nature. He managed to lure Buu into absorbing him, so he could rescue the others that had been absorbed. As a result of the time limit on mortal fusion, originally thought to be due to magic, Vegito de-fused into his counterparts. After destroying the potara earrings, Vegeta vowed never to combine with Son Goku ever again.


  • Vegito's name is a blend of 'Vegeta' and the Japanese pronunciation 'kakarot', rather than Vegeta and Son Goku.
    • Vegito means 'vegetable' and 'carrot' as all Saiyan names are derived from vegetables.
    • The name "Vegito" could be a fan attempt to follow Toriyama's puns with names, thus making the name a pun toward rotting vegetables.
    • The name Vegito is actually not canon to any version of the series and is fan made. The true name of the fusion is Vegito (Vegito in the English manga, anime, and games).