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Uranai Baba
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Origin Earth, Baba's Arena
Species Human, (Immortal, Witch)
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Uranai Baba or the old fortune telling crone, is precisely that. She's an old, short woman of indeterminable age who resides within an arena in the middle of a lake. She offers her divination services to any who can pay the price, which is an extortionately high amount of Zeni. To those who can't afford it, she offers them her battle challenge, where they must defeat all of her elite warriors. If they succeed, she'll divine for them.

She gets her warriors from the After Life, normally from the Under World but she can call in spirits from the Upper World as well, for 24 hour periods. She did this for Son Gohan Sr., then much later on, Son Goku and even Vegeta during the Boo disaster.

Baba's Warriors[]


Dragon Ball Online[]

Uranai Baba appears in Dragon Ball Online, though the context at this point is unknown. There are numerous statues resembling her Devil's Toilet arena, across the landscape. It's not crazy to assume she's still alive because like her brother, she is immortal.