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This timeline has been formed using time markers and dates identified throughout Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Online.


Key Events
Age 736 Kuririn is born.
Age 737
  1. Son Goku is born and sent to depopulate Earth.
  2. Planet Vegeta is destroyed by Freeza.
  3. Son Gohan adopts Son Goku.
Age 739 A fire spirit falls from the heavens and sets Fry-Pan Mountain on fire.
Age 741 Kuririn begins his training at Orin Temple.
Age 745 The 20th Ten'kaichi Budokai is held.
Age 749
  1. Son Goku meets Bulma, Turtle, Muten Roshi, Oolong, Yamcha and Pu'ar on a dragon ball quest.
  2. Muten Roshi gives Son Goku, Kinto'Un.
  3. Pilaf summons Shen Long, but his wish is thwarted by Oolong who wishes for a pair of women's panties.
Age 750
  1. Son Goku and Kuririn begin training with Kame Sen'nin.
  2. 8 months in, the 21st Ten'kaichi Budokai is held and Jackie Chun wins. Competitors include Son Goku, Kuririn, Jackie Chun, Yamcha, Giran, Namu, Ran Fuan and Bacterian.
  3. Son Goku meets Bora and Upa and climbs Karin's Tower to train with Karin, after he is defeated by Taopaipai, while searching for his dragon ball.
  4. Son Goku obliterates the Red Ribbon Army and Taopaipai.
  5. Son Goku and friends win Uranai Baba's challenge to discern the location of a dragon ball.
  6. Son Goku summons Shen Long to ressurect Bora.
Age 753
  1. The 22nd Ten'kaichi Budokai is held on Papaya Island and Tenshinhan wins. Competitors include Son Goku, Kuririn, Jackie Chun, Tenshinhan, Chouzu, Yamcha, Man-Wolf and Panpoot.
  2. Pilaf awakens Piccolo Dai-Mao.
  3. Tambourine kills many martial artists, including Kuririn, Namu and Giran.
  4. Son Goku meets Yajirobe and ingests the Super Water of the Gods at Karin's.
  5. Muten Roshi and Chouzu die in a struggle with Piccolo Dai-Mao.
  6. Piccolo Dai-Mao summons Shen Long and wishes for eternal youth. Shen Long is then destroyed.
  7. Son Goku kills Piccolo Dai-Mao and Piccolo (Jr.) is born.
  8. Shen Long is reconstructed by Kami-Sama and Mr. Popo, and brings Kuririn, Muten Roshi, Chouzu, Namu, Giran and all the others who were killed back to life.
  9. Son Goku begins his training with Kami-Sama.
Age 756
  1. The 23rd Ten'kaichi Budokai is held on Papaya Island and Son Goku wins. Competitors include Demon Jr., Kuririn, Son Goku, Chi-Chi, Taopaipai, Tenshinhan, Yamcha and Shen. The island is demolished from the final round.
  2. Son Goku and Chi-Chi get married.
Age 757 Son Gohan is born to Son Goku and Chi-Chi.
Age 761
  1. Raditz arrives on Earth.
  2. Piccolo kills Raditz and Son Goku.
  3. Son Goku begins his training with Kaio Sama.
  4. Son Gohan begins his training with Piccolo.
Age 762
  1. Vegeta and Nappa arrive on Earth and destroy East City (?)
  2. Mr. Popo summons Shen Long to ressurect Son Goku.
  3. Yamcha, Chouzu, Tenshinhan and Piccolo all die in the battle against the Saiyans.
  4. Kami-Sama dies due to his connection to Piccolo and the Earth dragon balls turn to stone.
  5. Son Goku, Kuririn, Son Gohan and Yajirobe battle with Vegeta, ending in a draw with Vegeta escaping and Son Goku hospitalized.
  6. Bulma, Son Gohan and Kuririn travel to Namek to acquire their dragon balls, using Kami-Sama's Spaceship.
  7. Son Gohan and Kuririn rescue and befriend Dende.
  8. Vegeta is forced to ally with Bulma's group on Namek to face Freeza and the World Trade Orginization, who also wants the dragon balls.
  9. The Great Elder awakens the potential of Son Gohan and Kuririn.
  10. Son Goku travels to Namek.
  11. Porunga is summoned and ressurects Piccolo, then transports him to Namek so he can help battle Freeza.
  12. The Great Elder dies from stress.
  13. Piccolo assimilates Nail.
  14. Son Goku battles with Freeza.
  15. Shen Long is summoned and ressurects all Namekians who died by Freeza and his men, The Great Elder, Dende and Vegeta included.
  16. Freeza kills Kuririn and Son Goku becomes a Super Saiyan.
  17. Dende asks Porunga to transport everyone on Namek to Earth, except Son Goku and Freeza who continue their battle.
  18. Namek is destroyed and Son Goku flees to Yardrat, while Freeza is rescued by his father.
  1. Cell arrives from the future Age 788 in his egg form.
  2. Yamcha and Kuririn are ressurected by Porunga 130 days after his last summoning.
  3. Tenshinhan and Chouzu are ressurected by Porunga 130 days later, and the Namekians are transported to New Namek with the third wish.
Age 764
  1. Trunks arrives from the future Age 785.
  2. Freeza arrives on Earth with King Cold, but are killed by Trunks.
  3. Son Goku arrives on Earth and meets Trunks, who informs him about the androids and his heart disease.
Age 766
  1. The 24th Ten'kaichi Budokai is held and Hercule wins.
  2. Trunks is born to Bulma and Vegeta.
Age 767
  1. Dr. Gero and Android #19 begin to hunt Son Goku.
  2. Android #19 is destroyed by Vegeta, who can now turn Super Saiyan.
  3. Dr. Gero awakens No. 17 and No. 18 but is killed by the former. They then awaken Android #16.
  4. Cell begins harvesting life energy.
  5. Piccolo assimilates Kami-Sama.
  6. Cell then absorbs No. 17 and No. 18 to become 'perfect'.
  7. Vegeta and Trunks, and Son Goku and Son Gohan spend a year respectively in the Room of Spirit and Time.
  8. Son Goku transports Dende to Earth, where he replaces Kami-Sama as god and recreates the dragon balls, with the adjustment that they can now grant 2 wishes.
  9. The Cell Games are held, in which Son Gohan wins by turning Super Saiyan Level 2. However, Trunks, Son Goku and Kaio Sama are killed by Cell.
  10. Shen Long is summoned and ressurects Trunks and all the others killed by Cell, including No. 17. He then removes the bombs from No. 17 and No. 18's bodies.
  11. Trunks returns to his future.
Age 768 Son Goten is born to Chi-Chi and Son Goku (concieved prior to latter's death).
Age 774
  1. Son Gohan attends Herculopolis High and meets Videl, donning the Saiyaman guise to fight crime in the city.
  2. Uranai Baba allows Son Goku to return to the mortal realm for 24 hours.
  3. The 25th Ten'kaichi Budokai is held and Hercule wins. Competitors include Son Goku, Vegeta, Shin, Kibito, Piccolo, Saiyaman, Kuririn, Punta, Spopovich, Yamu, Jewel, Killa, Mighty Mask and No. 18.
  4. Son Goku and company meet Kaio Shin Sama who informs them about Bobbidi and the djinn Boo. They abscond from the tournament to prevent his ressurection.
  5. Dabra kills Kibito.
  6. Son Goku, Vegeta, Son Gohan and Kaio Shin Sama descend through Bobbidi's spaceship.
  7. Vegeta is controlled by Bobbidi, who awakens his evil and makes him stronger.
  8. Vegeta kills a large amount of people at the Budokai Stadium.
  9. Son Goku battles Vegeta, and the energy they accumulate awakens Boo.
  10. Boo kills Dabra and Vegeta dies trying to kill him.
  11. Shen Long ressurects everyone who died that day, and is dismissed.
  12. Son Gohan is taken to the Holy Sphere by Kaio Shin Sama and Kibito, and begins his training with the Zeta Sword and the elder kaio shin.
  13. Son Goku reveals he can become a Super Saiyan Level 3, but it's weakness is time.
  14. Son Goku teaches Son Goten and Trunks the Metamor Fusion Dance, before returning to the afterlife.
  15. Boo kills Bobbidi.
  16. Hercule befriends Boo, and forces his evil to manifest as a seperate Boo.
  17. The evil Boo absorbs the good Boo and creates a new, more powerful Boo.
  18. Boo kills most of Earths population from Kami-Sama's castle.
  19. Goten and Trunks fuse to create Gotenks and battle Boo in the Room of Spirit and Time.
  20. Boo kills Bulma, Gyu-Mao, Chi-Chi, No. 18, Kuririn, Marron, Videl, Yamcha, Pu'ar, Oolong Mr. Popo and Muten Roshi.
  21. Son Gohan's latent power is awakened and he battles with Boo.
  22. Boo absorbs Gotenks and Piccolo.
  23. Kaio-Shin Sama and Kibito fuse permanently with the potara earrings.
  24. Son Goku's recieves Elder Kaio Shin's life.
  25. Uranai Baba returns Vegeta to the mortal realm for 24 hours.
  26. Son Goku fuses with Vegeta using the potara earrings and creates Vegerot.
  27. Vegerot allows himself to be absorbed so he can free Son Goten, Trunks, Piccolo and Son Gohan. They diffuse upon absorption and destroy the potara.
  28. Vegeta frees Mr. Boo and Boo reverts to his original form.
  29. Boo destroys Earth, killing everyone except Hercule, Dende and Bay who are teleported to the Holy Sphere by Son Goku along with Vegeta.
  30. Boo copies the technique and follows them there, where they battle him.
  31. Porunga is summoned and restores Earth and all those who died that day.
  32. Boo spits out Mr. Boo and the two battle.
  33. Son Goku, Vegeta and Hercule persuade the people of Earth to offer their energy to the Genki Dama so they can defeat Boo.
  34. Porunga restores Son Goku's energy and he destroys Boo with the spirit ball.
  35. Son Goku asks that Boo be reincarnated as a 'good guy'.
  36. They all return to Earth.
  37. Half a year later, everyone's memories of Boo are erased so that Mr. Boo can integrate peacefully.
  38. Oob is born.
Age 780 Pan is born to Son Gohan and Videl.
Age 784
  1. The 28th Ten'kaichi Budokai is held and Hercule wins. Competitors include Son Goku, Vegeta, Killerno, Oob, Captain Chicken, Butch, Son Goten, Trunks, Mr. Boo, Pan, Mokekko and Hercule.
  2. Son Goku begins to live with and train Oob, after bestowing Kinto'Un to him.
Age 787 The 29th Ten'kaichi Budokai is held and Hercule wins.
Age 790
  1. The 30th Ten'kaichi Budokai is held and Hercule wins.
  2. Mr. Boo creates Booby.
Age 791 Baby Boo is born to Mr. Boo and Booby.
Age 793 Hercule retires from fighting and opens a martial arts school.
Age 794 Pan becomes an instructor at Hercule's martial arts school.
Age 796 Satan Legend is released, a movie about Hercule.
Age 801 Son Goku and Vegeta go 'missing'.
Age 804 Son Gohan begins research on his book, "Groundbreaking Science".
Age 805 Son Goten and Trunks co-found the Bikkoukenjutsu Sword School.
Age 820
  1. Hercule dies.
  2. The remnants of the World Trade Orginization invade Earth, but are defeated.
Age 821
  1. Kuririn takes over as head of the Turtle School.
  2. Tenshinhan takes over as head of the Crane School.
Age 825 The theme park Boo World opens.
Age 826 Yajirobe begins cultivating at the base of Karin's Pole.
Age 834 The different classes of djinn are established.
Age 851
  1. Miira comes from future Age 2000 and has his troops destroy New Namek.
  2. The Namekians migrate to Earth.
Age 853 The Namekians terra-form the land to look like Namek, creating the Porunga Rocks area.
Age 890 The one century anniversary of the djinn race is celebrated.
Age 910 The one century anniversary of Boo World is celebrated.
Age 920 A world-wide memorial service for Hercule takes place, one hundred years after his death.
Age 940 Evil Namekians begin to spawn eggs.
Age 951 The one century anniversary of the Namekians migration to Earth is celebrated.
Age 962 The Capsule Corporation Museum is opened.
Age 972 Conflict with the Evil Namekians begins as their numbers grow.
Age 975
  1. Young siheol, once living in nature away from the parent Ever consider a "Brat education"is adopted in this country bangchingeuro. "Bud Village."- google translator
  2. Bay Village is established.
Age 990
  1. Wildlife monsters begin to emerge and diversify.
  2. Popo Stones are constructed all over Earth.
  3. Paella begins her campaign to take over Earth.
  4. The two century anniversary of the djinn race is celebrated.
Age 991 The Red Pants Army emerge.
Age 995 "Ron Shaw, the capsule is loaded paeriahui betray Corporation."- google translator
Age 996 to Age 998
  1. Miira comes from future Age 2000 and invades Earth.
  2. Piccolo and Dende gather forces to fend off the invasion.
Age 999 Piccolo investigates the evil orginizations on Earth and searches for a 'saviour'.
Age 1000 The time setting for Dragon Ball Online.
Age 2000 Miira invades Earth and recruits remnants of the World Trade Orginization and the Red Pants Army.

Trunks' Timeline[]

An alternate timeline exists where Trunks comes from before altering history. This is in essence the 'true' timeline, or at least closer to it.

Age Key Events
Age 766-T Son Goku dies of an incurable heart disease.
Age 768-T
  1. Trunks is born.
  2. Kuririn, Chouzu, Piccolo, Tenshinhan and Vegeta are killed by the androids.
Age 769-T to Age 780-T Son Gohan trains Trunks.
Age 781-T Son Gohan is killed by the androids.
Age 784 Bulma finishes building the time machine and Trunks goes back to Age 764 to warn everyone about the androids and Son Goku's illness.
Age 785-T
  1. Trunks goes back to Age 767 to help everyone fight the androids and learn their weakness.
  2. Trunks destroys the androids.

Age 788-T

Trunks destroys Cell.

Cell's Timeline[]

Cell comes from a marginally different future to Trunks. This could in fact be viewed as the true, original timeline because it is not affected by time travel at all.

Age Key Events
Age 788-C Cell kills Trunks and uses his time machine to go back to Age 763.

Other Timelines[]

In Dragon Ball Online, many alternate universes emerge as a result of the manipulation of Miira, Towa and the Time Breakers.


  • The Dragon Ball Online trailer shows a history book, which incorrectly identifies the year Dragon Ball ended as Age 788, when it was actually Age 784. Age 788 was the year Trunks' timeline story ended.