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The ship arrives in Age 761 again. A masked Burdock observes the arrival of the time machine from on high and speaks with his Time Breaker cronies. His objective is to 'interrupt' the training of Piccolo and Son Gohan, by shooting him down with Anti-Air Missile Pods.

After the Time Patrol destroy the pods, the scenes are shown from DBZ012. Gohan and Piccolo are shown where he wakes Son Gohan up in the pond. Scans are shown from the same chapter, where he throws Son Gohan at the rocks in order to bring out his latent power.

The Time Breakers send a number of dinosaurs to attack Son Gohan during his training but the Time Patrol kills them all. Then, they are sent out to kill all the brain washed wild animals, too, to make sure Son Gohan stays safe.

Scans from DBZ013. Son Gohan, the Inconsolable are shown where Son Gohan is chased by a dinosaur and lands on a ledge. After the Time Patrol continue fending off the Time Breakers, Burdock is shown setting up a device with the intention of brain washing Son Gohan. Scans are then shown from DBZ014. Deeds Done by the Full Moon, where Son Gohan turns into a Great Ape. The brain washing device implants a green gem on Son Gohan's forehead while he's in this state.

The Time Patrol succesfully reverse the brain washing by destroying the green gem. The scenes from the same chapter where Piccolo destroys the moon are shown, ending the quest.


Stage One[]

Destroy all the anti-air missile pods so that Piccolo can fly through safely.

Stage Two[]

Eliminate 10 dinosaurs that are chasing Gohan. Then, eliminate all the brain-washed wild animals.

Stage Three[]

Defeat all the Time Breakers and brain-washed animals and approach the check point. Two Android 8000's appear in this stage to defeat.

Stage Four[]

Progress along the path toward Ape Gohan and defeat the Time Breakers that attempt to hinder you. Burdock will also appear and must be defeated. After the cutscene, you must fight against Ape Gohan who has been brain-washed and destroy the green gem on his forehead.