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The Time Patrol machine emerges in Age 761 again on a tropical island near Kame House. Son Goku and Piccolo have arrived at Kame House after failing to track down a kidnapped Son Gohan, due to a chi jamming wave planted by the Time Breakers. This places this part of the quest when DBZ005. An Unexpected Strength should take place.

A group of Time Breakers appear and attack Son Goku and Piccolo, but your team will help them defeat them and destroy a device which is presumably the Chi Jamming device. After doing this, you will leave Goku and Piccolo and then begin to search for the devices to destroy them, so they can track down Gohan and put time back on it's correct course. The caves appear to be connected to the Red Ribbon Army treasure hideouts, that featured in DB072. The Blue Meanies to DB079. Run, Run, Run!!!

After the devices are destroyed and you've escorted Son Goku and Piccolo to Raditz's location, scenes from DBZ008. A Surprise Appearance will be shown, before the next stage of the mission takes place and you fight against Raditz. After the fight, scans from the same chapter and then from DBZ009. Sayonara, Goku are shown, where Son Gohan escapes the pod and headbutts Raditz in the chest, giving them the opportunity they need to kill him. However, Son Goku is also killed in the blast.


Stage One[]

Swim from the initial landing island over to Kame House and approach the Check Point. After the cutscene, approach the next Check Point (Stage One officially begins here). While Goku and Piccolo are distracted fighting the Time Breakers, it's upto you to destroy the Chi Jamming device. Then, you must help Goku and Piccolo defeat the remaining Time Breakers. More will appear after this, and you must defeat them too.

Stage Two[]

You're now in an underground river style location, for some reason. Progress through the path defeating the Time Breakers and the monsters they've brought with them and tamed using the green jewels. The objective is to find the Chi Jamming Devices in the caves, which will require your group to have to split up and search. An Android 8000 will be guarding one of the devices.

Stage Three[]

You are now back in the snowfield location. You must assist Goku and Piccolo in moving down towards where Raditz landed and defeat the Time Breakers that attempt to hinder their progress. After a cutscene, you will have to fight Raditz and stall him while Son Gohan builds up the rage to attack, to keep history going as it should.