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The Time Breakers have gone back in time to Age 761 in an attempt to retrieve Goku's DNA, by disrupting the events that took place surrounding the arrival of Raditz. Trunks is on a mission with his robot Hope! to stop them and your goal as the player is to help him.

The events that take place in DBZ001- The Mysterious Warrior from Space are shown, where Raditz arrives on Earth and the farmer goes out to investigate. The scans of the farmer shooting Raditz and then having the bullet flicked back at him are shown, before resuming the cutscene.

After completing the quest, Raditz will appear in the snowy location and detect Son Goku on his scouter. He then flies off to find him.


There is a 40 minute time limit imposed on the entire instance.

Stage One[]

Defeat a group of Time Breakers, then run to the gate.

Stage Two[]

Defeat a larger group of Time Breakers, which then expands to more monsters. More groups of enemies emerge as you progress along the path toward the gate. You will pass the farmer's house along the path. There will be additional time limits imposed at various points, to eliminate certain groups of enemies.

Stage Three[]

Disable a bomb from exploding within three minutes.

Stage Four[]

Continue along the path defeating the Time Breaker enemy groups as you approach them. You will then progress into a snowy field location and the final 'boss' of this area will be an Android 8000.