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"1...2...3...4...5 of them!! That coward Freeza called the Ginyu Force!!!"- Vegeta (DBZ077)


The Ginyu Special Force are a collection of elite fighters, gathered from across the universe and recruited by Freeza. They collectively hold the title as the strongest in the universe next to Freeza. The group is lead by Captain Ginyu, an alien of unknown origin who has the power to swap bodies. Every member of the force is a mutant alien born with immense power (or in Gurd's case, unusual abilities).

The force are comical and flamboyant, presenting a certain level of informality to the normally ruthless Freeza. Captain Ginyu especially seems to have a fairly close relationship with Freeza and even suggests to perform his 'dance of joy' to him when he's upset.

The Ginyu Special Force are sent out under Freeza's order to conquer particularly powerful worlds, to wipe them clean of life so they can be sold in the World Trade Orginization. The force were in the middle of conquering planet Yardrat, when Freeza summoned them to Namek to help him in his dragon ball hunt.


The Fate of the Ginyu Force[]

The Ginyu Special Force all met their ends on Namek. Gurd was killed by Vegeta, after he was distracted by torturing Son Gohan and Kuririn with telekinesis. Reacoom and Butta were defeated with ease by Son Goku and then finished off by Vegeta. Jheese was killed by Vegeta as well, after his brush with death boosted his power greatly. Captain Ginyu accidentally swapped his body to that of a Namekian Frog and was then likely killed during the explosion of Namek, caused by Freeza.

Dragonball Online[]

In Dragonball Online, Towa makes use of Reacoom for her 'experiments'. She brain controls him using the green gem right before he's about to finish off Kuririn, Son Gohan and Vegeta. This boosts his power greatly and his size. The observing Butta and Jheese simply thought it was another of Reacoom's tricks and never suspected a thing. After he regains his senses from his fight with the Time Patrol, Butta and Jheese demand their chocolate parfaits.

Captain Ginyu in the body of Son Goku with Jheese also run into the Time Patrol, but are not controlled by Towa. They're not killed however as that would change time too much, so they leave the Time Patrol to resume their normal plans.


  • The team's names are all derived from dairy products (milk, cream, butter, cheese and curds).
  • Vegeta killed every member of the force except Captain Ginyu.