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No.1 Killer in the World[]

Taopaipai was a contract assassin who began his work in Age 730, and thereafter developed a fearsome reputation across the world and affiliations with the Red Ribbon Army. Taopaipai is so good that he demanded from Commander Red 100 Million Zeni for each strike, but because it was his 20th anniversary he gave him a 50% discount. Taopaipai is the younger brother of the Crane Hermit, Tsuru Sen'nin and subsequently uses trademark techniques of the Crane School.

Taopaipai was comissioned to kill Son Goku and succeeded in knocking him unconscious with a Dodon-Pa. Son Goku returned 3 days later however and blew Taopaipai up with one of his own grenades.

The Failed Revenge of Taopaipai[]

Dbo Tao

Taopaipai has kept himself alive with cybernetics.

Taopaipai spent every last penny of his fortune on repairing himself as a cyborg. He then returned to get revenge in the 23rd Ten'kaichi Budokai, to which he lost outright to his former disciple Tenshinhan. Tsuru Sen'nin flew away with Taopaipai over his shoulder and he did not return again for the rest of Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z.

Taopaipai does appear in Dragon Ball Online however with further cybernetic upgrades, residing within the ruins of the old Red Ribbon Army base. Allegedly, he has taken to mining The Sacred Land of Karin.

Abilities, Techniques & Weaponry[]

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