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Tale 7 Yamcha and Pu'ar 007
Tankōbon No. Dragon Ball 01 (01)
Tale No. DB007 (007)
Characters Son Goku, Bulma, Kinto'Un, Oolong, Yamcha & Pu'ar.

Tale 6 So Long, Oolong!


Tale 8 One, Two, Yamcha-cha!



Bulma reveals that their next destination, Fry-Pan Mountain, is about three days away. Oolong panics when he hears the name, because of the terrible Ox King, [[Gyū-Maō]], that lives there. He transforms into a fish and leaps into the water. Bulma fishes him back on board using her own underwear, which he falls for instantly. Bulma feeds him a Sweetart candy instead of giving him her panties, which he eats begrudgingly.

The boat runs out of gas, so Bulma makes Oolong turn into an oar. Son Goku uses Oolong to paddle the boat to the river-bank and they get out. He begs Bulma for her panties as reward for it, to which she adamantly refuses. Suddenly Bulma realizes that her Hoi-Poi Capsule Case is gone and that she must have dropped it in the river. She realizes she can get Oolong to transform into a bike, but by the time she asks he has already run away. Bulma then begins to whistle, which causes Oolong to have violent diarrhea. She reveals that the sweetart was actually a sweetrot, a candy that responds to whistles with violent digestive troubles. Oolong returns and promises not to run away again.

Bulma asks Oolong to turn into a motorbike, so he turns into a small scooter. Unfortunately because he retains his low strength, when she sits on him, it crumples beneath her weight, rendering him useless. He suggests that he transform into a pair of women's panties, but she knocks him away.


Son Goku, Bulma and Oolong lose energy in the Kung Pao Desert and stop beenath a rock structure to rest. As they rest, a suspicious cat-like creature observes them through a telescope, before flying back into her secret hideout. There she addresses her lord 'Yamcha', who's eating noodles. They prepare to ambush them for their money and hoi-poi capsules. He asks the creature named Pu'ar to prepare the Jet Squirrel and they drive out to meet Son Goku, Oolong and Pu'ar.


  • This chapter is the first appearance of Yamcha and Pu'ar.