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Tale 6 So Long, Oolong! 006
Tankōbon No. Dragon Ball 01 (01)
Tale No. DB006 (006)
Characters Son Goku, Bulma, Kinto'Un & Oolong.
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Oolong attempts to intimidate the impatient Son Goku by talking up his supposed strength. Confounded that Son Goku is so unphased by his warnings, he becomes frustrated. Suddenly he notices the time on the town clock and calls "Time Out", running just outside the front gate of the town and shifting back into the shape of a young, humanoid pig.


Son Goku runs out in pursuit of him, asking Oolong where the bull went to. He points to his alleged location, sending Son Goku searching for nothing. It turns out that Oolong can only stay transformed for five minutes, until he is forcably returned to his natural form for a full minute.

Oolong returns to the town in the form of a giant robot holding a bowl of hot soup and a giant pair of chopsticks. Once again, he just tries to scare Son Goku who remains confused by his seeming lack of interest in actually fighting him. After Son Goku demonstrates his ability to smash three stacked bricks with just one finger, Oolong panics and transforms into a bat to escape. Bulma demands he catches the shape-shifter, so he calls Kinto'Un to pursue him.

Son Goku catches up to him quickly, so he transforms into a rocket missile, however as he does so, his five minutes runs out and he turns back into his natural, pig form. Son Goku catches him, ties him up and returns with him to the village.


Oolong guides the villagers to his lair where the girls are living. The old lady gives her dragon ball to Bulma, along the way. They arrive at Oolong's Lair and the parents of the kidnapped girls barge in enthusiastically, only to see them living a life of luxury. Oolong admits they were kind of in charge all along and asks them to take them home.

Bulma takes Oolong with her on her quest, still tied up, because his shape-shifting ability could come in useful. The three of them take to a nearby river, using Hoi-Poi Capsule Number 8, which is a motor-boat. Bulma manipulates Oolong's perversion with promises that she'll sleep in just her underwear, to motivate him not to escape. Son Goku then pats Oolong and discovers that he is a male.