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Tale 5 Oo! Oo! Oolong! 005
Tankōbon No. Dragon Ball 01 (01)
Tale No. DB005 (005)
Characters Son Goku, Bulma, Kinto'Un & Oolong.
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Son Goku is adamant that the supposedly deserted town the next dragon ball is in, has people in it. He punches through a door in frustration, only to be assaulted by a man with an axe. The axe smashes against Son Goku's hard head. Son Goku prepares to fight back, when the man pleads for mercy and calls him 'Oolong'.

Suddenly, all the townsfolk come out from hiding and come to see their visitors, relieved that they are not this 'Oolong' character.

The man's daughter tends to Son Goku's head wound while he apoligizes to Bulma, who complains that if she went in first he would have killed her. Son Goku, fascinated by his recent discovery of the two sexes, invasively pats the girl's crotch to discern which she is. Bulma scolds him for his behaviour, much to his confusion.

The man explains that Oolong is a terrible shape-shifting demon that terrorizes their village and takes girls away to be his brides, under threat that he will kill and eat anyone who defies him. Bulma realizes she can use Son Goku's strength to defeat this Oolong and then get the dragon ball as a reward. She asks who has it, and an old lady unveils the Liushinkyū. Son Goku then pats her crotch, too, to Bulma's despair.


Bulma promises them that they will defeat Oolong and rescue the girls he's taken. They dress Son Goku as a girl to trick Oolong and he arrives, dressed in a wedding suit holding a large bouquet of flowers. Thinking she's being shy due to his scary looks, he transforms into a handsome man. Bulma blows her cover and becomes smitten by Oolong, causing a predicament for him... However once he sees Son Goku peeing against a tree, he realizes that she is in fact a he and becomes enraged.

He shape-shifts into an enormous ox. Bulma runs back to cover and tells Son Goku to beat him up. He discards his femenine disguise and prepares to do battle with Oolong.


  • This chapter features the first appearance of Oolong.