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Tale 4 They Call Him...the Turtle Hermit! 004
Tankōbon No. Dragon Ball 01 (01)
Tale No. DB004 (004)
Characters Son Goku, Bulma, Turtle, Kame Sen'nin & Kinto'Un.
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The old man reveals to be a friend of the turtles, and is willing to give Son Goku a reward for helping him. He reveals his name is Kame Sen'nin and he is a Turtle Hermit. He attempts to summon the Immortal Phoenix as Son Goku's reward, but Turtle reminds him that it was killed by tainted bird seed. So instead, Kame Sen'nin summons Kinto'Un, a magic cloud.

He reveals that only those pure of heart can ride the cloud and leaps onto it to prove it, falling straight through and landing on the sand. Son Goku being an innocent child, is able to ride the cloud with ease. Using his thoughts, he's able to direct the cloud and flies around the air in a happy and playful display.


Bulma demands for a reward too, despite the Turtle having told Kame Sen'nin that she didn't really help him at all. He says he will give her a reward if she flashes her panties at him, much to Turtles disgust. Bulma agrees, and lifts her night-gown very briefly, then covers up again. To Kame Sen'nin's shock, she's not actually wearing any underwear, and his nose bleeds. While thinking of what to give her in return, she spots a dragon ball with three stars hanging around his neck. He reveals that he found the Sanshinkyū on the ocean floor roughly one hundred years prior and turned it into a necklace. When he has second thoughts about giving it to them, Bulma flashes once more to seal the deal.

Bulma and Son Goku return to the Hoi-Poi House with their rewards, when Bulma makes the horrifying discovery that her panties had been removed before she left the house. The oblivious Son Goku reveals he took them off when inspecting her 'pillow', to which she responds by gunning him down with a machine gun.


After finally getting dressed and ready, she capsulizes the house and they head off to the next dragon ball. Bulma discovers she's too impure to ride Kinto'Un, and uses her motorbike again instead.

Three days pass and they arrive at a seemingly deserted town, however Son Goku reveals he can sense people...


  • This chapter is the first appearance of Kinto'Un.