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DB003. Sea Monkeys
Tankōbon No. Dragon Ball 01 (01)
Tale No. DB003 (003)
Characters Son Goku, Bulma, Turtle, a Bear Hybrid & Kame Sen'nin.
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It's the following morning, and Son Goku is impatiently waiting for Bulma to get ready so they can leave and continue their journey. He compares her to a turtle because she is so slow, then goes outside for training. He begins to pick up large rocks and squeeze them so hard they shatter in his arms. He grabs a turtle by the shell and picks it up, believing it to be a rock. He becomes startled because he thinks Bulma had actually turned into a turtle, but she comes out and reassures him that, that is not the case.


Bulma gives the Turtle some salt water and sea-weed in a bucket, because he asked for it. After guzzling it down he explains that he went to the mainland to find mushrooms and got lost, now he can't find his way back to the sea. Son Goku offers to take Turtle back to the sea, but Bulma protests because they only have 30 days before her summer vacation ends and she doesn't want to waste time. Son Goku goes anyway, and she momentarily forgets why she brought him with her and tells him never to come back. After a moment of quiet reflection, she grabs her motorbike and rides after him, frightened of all the dangers around her that he could help with.


Son Goku, Turtle and Bulma run into a giant Bear Hybrid wearing armour and holding a large curved blade. He holds them up because he wants the Turtle to eat. Son Goku refuses and beats up the Bear Hybrid using his Janken technique.

They eventually reach the beach. Turtle is very grateful and asks them to wait while he swims off to get them their reward. After a while of playing on the beach, Turtle returns with a strange old man on his back...