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Tale 9 Onward to Fry-Pan... 010
Tankōbon No. Dragon Ball 01 (01)
Tale No. DB010 (010)
Characters Son Goku, Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha & Pu'ar.
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[[Son Goku|


Son Goku]] wakes up to a sleep deprived Oolong, who had been sitting in the House Wagon's driver's seat all night with a shot-gun. Unwilling to clean Bulma's clothes, he tells her he has an outfit in one of his drawers. While Son Goku devours a large breakfast, Bulma angrily comes down the stairs wearing a playboy bunny rabbit suit. [[Yamcha|


Yamcha]] watches the House Wagon depart from his lair with his telescope and asks Pu'ar to ready his Automatic Rifle, his Panzer Faust and his Mighty Mouse. Moments later, he drives up next to the House Wagon on the Mighty Mouse and blasts it with his Panzer Faust, stopping it from moving and knocking Bulma unconscious.

Son Goku emerges from the House Wagon and faces Yamcha, who's brandishing his Automatic Rifle. They clash in hand to hand combat. Because Son Goku is no longer hungry, he defeats Yamcha with ease, knocking out one of his teeth with a sharp kick to the face. He then flees with Pu'ar, leaving Son Goku to stand triumphant.



Yamcha]] decides to let them gather all seven dragon balls themselves and then steal them at the last minute. He drives up to Oolong and Son Goku, who's carrying an unconscious Bulma on his back. He apoligizes and chucks them a Hoi-Poi Capsule containing a small car. He then appears to drive away, secretly tracking them with a radar on his Mighty Mouse.