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Bulma sets her sights on the Sushinchu

The Sushinchu is a Dragon Ball with four stars. It's a name given to the Earth Dragon Ball with four stars, as told by Bulma. Son Gohan was in possession of this dragon ball for unknown reasons, and it was passed down to his adoptive son Son Goku after he died, acting as his last intact possession. Son Goku respected the ball and spoke to it as though it were his late grandfather, so he became very protective of it when Bulma arrived with intent to add it to her dragon ball collection.

When Pilaf's plan to conquer the world was thwarted by Oolong, the Sushinchu was scattered to a remote part of Earth and turned to stone for a year. Son Goku searched for it a year later, but used the dragon balls to ressurect Bora rather than keep the ball he had been searching for. It was at this point that Son Goku seemed to let go of his possessiveness of the dragon ball.

However it later returned into his possession, and was attached to the hat of his son, Son Gohan, who shares his name with Goku's late grandfather. When Gohan was kidanpped by Raditz, Goku used the Ball Detector to track him down and rescue him. It was removed from the hat and used later to bring Son Goku back to life, as he died in the battle with Raditz.