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"It's...Idiotic... ...And yet somehow brilliant...!!"-Piccolo (DBZ296)

The Super Kamikaze Ghost Strike is a unique technique developed by Gotenks to defeat Boo, using the magical powers of being a fused warrior. The technique generates a miniature ghost-like clone of the user out of chi and/or some other ectoplasm-like magical substance, by blowing it out through the mouth. The small clone is highly volatile and explodes on contact, but is at the mercy of the summoners orders. Many different ghosts can be summoned at once, however it's risky as they are unpredictable and may cause one another to explode prematurely.

Boo used this technique as well after absorbing Gotenks, against Vegerot. The ploy was unsuccesful and Vegerot mocked him for using an technique created by children.

Dragon Ball Online[]

In Dragon Ball Online, a variation of the technique can be learned by Fighters at level 50. It appears to branch from the Teleportation technique, which is learn-able at level 1.


This variation of the technique summons a Gotenks style ghost and it acts as a 'buff' type skill, to defend you from the enemy's attacks.