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Son Goten
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Age of Birth Age 768
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Species 50% Human, 50% Saiyan
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Son Goten is the second son of Son Goku and Chi Chi, concieved shortly before his father was killed in the battle with Cell. Son Goten grew up with his brother (Son Gohan) and his mother without his father until he was 7 years old.

Son Goten resembles his father physically, bearing the same Saiyan hairstyle that his father himself had inheritted from his father, Burdock. Son Goten is playful, light hearted and brave. Unlike his brother, Son Goten is a bit slower on the uptake and prefers to fight more. While Chi Chi was strict raising his brother, Son Goten has been raised in a less harsh manner with less focus on schoolwork. Chi Chi even taught him the basics of fighting.

Son Goten always had a close friendship with Trunks, while growing up. They competed in the Ten'kaichi Budokai together and even entered the adult division in a joint disguise called 'Mighty Mask'. Son Goku exhibitted a stricter side when he met Son Goten, when he tried to teach him and Trunks the Metamor Fusion Dance technique, so they could defeat Boo. Son Goten and Trunks are the only characters in the series to succesfully perform a fusion this way, creating the super warrior Gotenks.

Son Goten was last seen reluctantly competing in the 28th Ten'kaichi Budokai, being forced to enter by his father who saw him as 'slacking' in the time of peace.

In the Dragonball Online history books, it's noted that Son Goten co-founded the Kikkoukenjutsu Sword School with Trunks. This emerges as one of the human adult classes in Dragonball Online. It's currently unknown if Son Goten ever married or had children.

Abilities & Techniques[]

Innate Abilities[]

Acquired Abilities

Super Saiyan

Martial Arts Schools[]

Chi Chi's Training | Goku's Training

List of Known Techniques[]

KameHameHa | Metamor Fusion Dance


  • Son Goten's name means 'lightning'.
  • If not for Trunks X's interference with the timeline, Son Goten would have never been born.
  • Son Goten has inherited his hairstyle from Son Goku, who inherited his from Burdock. This suggests that in Saiyan bloodlines, the second born child inherits the 'family hair'.
  • Son Goten inherited some Saiyan traits but not others. Son Goten has no tail, but his hair is also fixed. This and the lack of dormant power makes him distinct from his brother Son Gohan.
  • Son Goten is the youngest character in the entire cast to become a Super Saiyan.