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"I...I'm......The son...of...S-Son Goku...The warrior...I...I won't......I won't......Let you beat me!!!!!"-(DBZ084)

Son Gohan (Younger)
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Age of Birth May 18, 757
Origin Earth🌍
Species 50% Human, 50% Saiyan
Power Level Saiyan Saga:

3 (baby)
710 (upset, baby)
1,307 (angry, baby)
981 ( Vs Vegeta)
1,800 (Namek Saga)
14,000 ( Potential Unlocked)
5,600,000,000 ( Cell Saga)

All confirmed here :https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6A7nE7oEh-s

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Son Gohan was introduced at the start of Dragonball Z as the first son of Son Goku and Chi Chi, named after his adoptive great grandfather. He inherited his father's unfortunate tendency to attract trouble, when he was kidnapped by his uncle Raditz. It was quickly discovered that as a half human half saiyan hybrid, he possessed immense hidden power that was unleashed with rage.

Son Gohan inherited some traits from his father, such as a saiyan tail and immense latent power, but unfortunately he lacked any passion for combat. As any normal young child would, he became terrified of the threats he faced at such a young age. His true passion laid in academia, a passion instilled on him by his mother at a young age.


Gohan explaining to Cell what he thinks about their battle.

{C Son Gohan's greatest moment was his destruction of Cell. Hercule took all the credit however and became a world famous hero as a result.

Son Gohan is also known for his superhero alter ego 'The Great Saiyaman', which he used as a disguise to fight evil in Herculopolis.

In the battlefield, Son Gohan is defined by his hidden strength. His latent power wasn't fully awakened until his training with the ancient Kaio Shin. After this stage, his power reached a staggering level and he no longer had need to enter Super Saiyan. Son Gohan is theoretically stronger than the entire cast, as a result of this.

Son Gohan married the daughter of Hercule, Videl. Together, they had a daughter named Pan.

After the end of Dragon Ball Z, Son Gohan wrote a book about the control of chi and the mechanics behind the advanced martial arts that he and the other heroes of the series had developed. This was the beginning of the people of Earth gaining knowledge of this, and the beginning of the evolution that lead towards the state of things in Dragonball Online.

Abilities & Techniques[]

Innate Abilities[]

Great Ape | Warrior Race Gene | Latent Power

Acquired Abilities[]

Super Saiyan | Super Saiyan Level 2

Martial Arts Schools[]

Piccolo's Training | Great Elder's Awakening | Zeta Training | Kaio Shin's Training

List of Known Techniques[]

Undisciplined Chi Blast | BukĂ»-Jutsu | Energy Barrage | Kamehameha | Masenko


  • Son Gohan's name means 'rice'.
  • Son Gohan was named after Son Goku's adoptive grandfather, Son Gohan Sr.
  • Son Gohan inherited some Saiyan traits but not others. Son Gohan has a tail, but his hair can still grow. This and the repression of his true power makes him distinct from his brother Son Goten.