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"How in the world did I end up there!? I must have gotten really drunk..."-(DB182)

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Unexpected Master[]

Kami Sama possessed the body of a regular human male and entered the 23rd Ten'kaichi Budokai as him, under the alias of 'Shen'. He made all of his victories look like accidents, humiliating powerful characters such as Yajirobe and Yamcha.

When his Mafu Ba wave was reversed by Piccolo, he exited the body to save him. The human then regained self control and confusedly returned to the stands with his impressed, young son.


  • Kami Sama disguising himself as Shen to participate in a tournament, is mirrored in Dragon Ball Z when Kaio Shin Sama enters the tournament under the alias of Shin. Shen and Shin are obviously both very similar names.
  • Shen is probably not this characters' real name.