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The potara are powerful, mystical kind of earring worn by the kaio shin. Through centuries and centuries of wear, they store magical energy and gain the power of fusion. When one is worn on the left ear and the other is worn on the right ear of another person, they will be combined into a single entity forever.


All Kaio Shin own a pair of potara. The pair worn by ancient kaio shin and the pair worn by Kibito Kaio were destroyed by Son Goku and Vegeta, meaning theoretically there should still be a pair of working potara owned by Kibito Kaio.


  • Ancient Kaio Shin is actually a fusion that occured between the real ancient kaio shin of the time and an old, curious witch. The fusion was accidental and explains the impurities in his behaviour.
  • When testing the potara, Kibito and Kaio Shin Sama merged to create Kibito Kaio. They weren't aware at the time however, that the fusion was permanent.
  • Son Goku and Vegeta fused to create Vegerot when battling against Boo. After being absorbed by Boo, the fusion was reversed however.


  • Kaio Shin Sama and Kibito are not wearing the correct earrings for a number of chapters, instead wearing small hoops in their ears. This is simply an artistic error.
  • Son Gohan obtains a pair when Kibito grants him the holy gi, however they're likely to be false or yet to gain the power of fusion (else they could be reproduced with ease).
  • Zarbon's earrings greatly resemble the potara.