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Planet Yardrat[]

The homeworld of the Yardrat people. Not much is known about this world and it is never shown.

The Ginyu Special Force was mid-way through conquering this planet when Freeza called them to Namek, to which they never returned. Son Goku used a Ginyu space pod to escape Namek as it was exploding, so it auto-piloted to Yardrat.

Son Goku lived with the Yardrat people for about a year, learning their mysterious ways. He eventually left and returned to his homeworld of Earth, knowing the Yardrat Teleportation technique.

Sometime between Dragonball Z and Dragonball Online, Planet Yardrat was destroyed (possibly by Miira) and it's remains fell to Earth as asteroids. The Yardrat survivors stayed on Earth to live and perform teleportation and banking services for it's inhabitants.