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No. 18
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Species Human/Android (Cyborg)
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No. 18 was a human female, until she was turned into a cyborg by Dr. Gero along with her twin no.17. Whoever she was before that moment was gone forever, and she became Android #18. She was created with the goal to kill Son Goku, however she was deemed defective due to her rebellious nature and unwillingness to follow Dr. Gero's orders. Because of this, she was put to sleep with her brother No. 17, indefinitely.

After Android 19 was destroyed by Vegeta, Dr. Gero fled to his laboratory in the mountains and awakened No. 18 along with her brother, in a desperate last resort effort. No. 18 and No. 17 decieved Dr. Gero into believing they were compliant, until they stole the remote control that immobilized them. No. 17 destroyed it and then killed Dr. Gero. The two of them freed another failure--Android 16--and left to go have fun.

No. 18 was feared because of her immense powers, which were a result of the Infinite Energy Generator inside her, as well as Trunks informing everyone that she was evil in his future. In this reality, she was not so bad. After the common enemy of Cell was developed, this good side emerged and No. 18's cold, emotionless exterior was broken down. This happened most evidently through her infatuation with Kuririn, who then later spared her life.

After the seven year gap, No. 18 and Kuririn got married and had a daughter by name of Marron.

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