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No. 17
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Species Human/Android (Cyborg)
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No. 17 was the seventeenth android created by Dr. Gero. He was built from a human, along with that human's twin sister (No. 18) and crafted into a cyborg. He became somewhat cold and emotionless, but still possessed his own free will. In terms of the power he held due to the Infinite Energy Reactor inside him, he was a success, but his defiance to orders made him too risky to use and he was deemed a failure. He was disabled using a special remote control, and stored in a capsule along with No. 18.

The reason he was a cyborg, is because he needed to possess biological components so he could be absorbed by Dr. Gero's long time master project, named Cell. Cell needed to absorb No. 17 and his sister in order to become 'complete'.

After Dr. Gero awakened No. 17 in a last resort effort to save himself, he destroyed the remote control and killed Dr. Gero. Along with his sister, they freed another android 'failure' (No. 16) and began to wander around aimlessly, having fun without a care in the world.

Cell eventually captured No. 17, while he was distracted from battling Piccolo on a tropical island. Son Gohan eventually killed Cell, but No. 17 was ressurected by the dragon balls. It's unknown what No. 17 did after that, but he no longer lead a dark path.

He reappeared briefly in Tale 321 Just Not Enough to lend Son Goku his chi for the Spirit Ball. He was depicted in the Northern Mountains, alone, holding a shotgun, implying that he was leading a solitary life as a hunter.


  • Lunchsketch

    A sketch of Lunch about to send her energy to Son Goku.

    There's a minor plot-hole when No. 17 appears briefly during Tale 321 Just Not Enough, because he offers Son Goku his energy despite never actually having met him. This is because in the draft, it was actually Lunch who was saying that and donating her energy. For some reason, the dialogue was never altered. It's unknown why 17 replaced Lunch but was likely because she had been absent in the series for such a long time, that No. 17 would be a more meaningful cameo.