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Age of Birth Unknown
Origin Planet Vegeta
Species Saiyan
Power Level 4,000
First Appearance -
Last Appearance -

"Three hours!!! What am I supposed to do for three hours?! I've been in suspended animation for too long!! My body is hungry for action!! To hell with waiting!!!"-(DBZ025)

Battle Hungry Saiyan[]

Nappa was one of the few Saiyan warriors to survive the destruction of their homeworld, alongside Vegeta and Raditz. This was because he was with Vegeta at the time of the apocalypse and Freeza wanted to keep Vegeta alive.

Nappa is subserviant to Vegeta, but classed as an elite rank Saiyan. In comparison with planets like Earth, he is tremendously powerful. However in comparison with the higher ranking members of the World Trade Orginization who Freeza surrounds himself with, he is not so powerful.

Nappa is not particularly intelligent and his fighting style consists largely of brute force tactics. He embodies the Saiyan trait of love for combat, to the point where he lusts after carnage and lets it get to his head far too quickly. Vegeta has to keep him in check every time he gets carried away, to which Nappa quickly apoligizes. He is however, very impatient.

Nappa was defeated by fellow saiyan Son Goku and then killed by Vegeta, who deemed him useless.

Abilities, Techniques & Weaponry[]


Flame Pillar