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Bulma, Gohan and Kuririn arrive on Namek in Kami's spaceship.

Namek is the homeworld of Piccolo and Dende, as well as the main setting for the majority of the first third of Dragonball Z (DBZ053 to DBZ134).

Namek is surrounded by suns, so it is constantly daylight. The world is very geographically consistent, a watery world full of small stretches of land and islands, covered in blue grass and long thin trees with small balls of leaves at their peaks. The primitive and uniform style of Namek may be a result of the world-wide cataclysm, that nearly wiped out all life on Namek a couple of centuries prior to Dragonball Z. Dende explains that prior to the cataclysm, Namek was covered in beautiful hydrangeas.

Namek is also the origin of the dragon balls, the mystical artefacts to which the series is named after. They were gifted the Namekians during ancient times, "Only Namekians are supposed to have them! They're like cosmic cheat codes!!" The Namekian Dragon Balls summon the god of dreams--Porunga--who can grant three wishes.


Namek, moments before it's destruction.

Freeza came to Namek after learning about the dragon balls. He eventually destroyed the planet during a fight with Son Goku.

The Namekian survivors found another world similar to Namek and named it New Namek. They terra-formed the land until it looked almost identical to Namek. A while later, Miira destroyed New Namek and the Namekian survivors stayed on Earth permanently. By the time of Dragonball Online, an entire region named Porunga Rocks has been terra-formed to look very similar to Namek.

Villages & Regions[]

Only one Namekian survived the cataclysm, and he became The Great Elder, giving life to the population of Namek. The large world is divided into six small villages, each with a dragon ball within them. The seventh ball is kept with The Great Elder atop a rocky spire.

The Shell Region[]

This region is apparently the location where Freeza's Ship is located. Or, the region where Son Goku, Vegeta, Kuririn and Son Gohan fought the Ginyu Special Force. Or, both of these areas are contained in the region.

Elder Muri's Village[]