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Mr. Mozzy
Mr mozzy
Level 6 : 754
Life Points 434
Energy Points 316
Classification Insect
Species Mosquito
Sub-Species Yellow Mosquito
Location Flanflan Desert
Abilities ability


The Mr Mozzy is a type of Mosquito Insect found in the Flanflan Desert. They're somewhat humanoid mosquitoes, though much, much larger than their real-life counterparts. They fly by beating their fine wings and stay afloat, with dangling arms and legs tipped with sharp claws. Their body is a small torso with a long abdomen trailing out the back. They wear small green jackets with yellow collars, and their heads are small and spherical with a long and sharp trunk sticking out the front. Their eyes are red.

When fighting, it attacks by lunging at the enemy with it's feet or with it's trunk,

Their official names are unknown as of yet, 'Mr. Mozzy' is a temporary name.