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Mr. Boo
A.K.A. Fat Boo
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Origin Created by Bibbidi
Species Djinn
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Mr. Boo is a djinn of pure heart created from Boo. When Boo absorbed Dai Kaio Shin and Lord of the Southern Lords, he assumed this form, but still retained evil in his soul. After developing a friendship with Hercule on Earth and a puppy named Bay that they collectively adopted, he became enraged when a pair of psychopathic hunters shot Bay. His protective rage exerted all of the evil left in his soul as a seperate Boo entity, leaving him as a pure, good soul.

Mr. Boo was absorbed into his evil side and used as a source of power for a while, until he was spat out and left to be in control of himself. After the ordeal was resolved, Mr. Boo returned with Hercule to live with him in his home on Earth. Six months of hiding later, Shen Long was asked to erase the worlds memories of Boo so that he could live and integrate with people without them fearing or hating him.

He used his immense powers to ensure Hercules victory in every Ten'kaichi Budokai, by feigning loss against him every time in the final match. Mr. Boo acted as his rival, in this sense.

He became very clever through his skills of imitation and influencability and eventually longed to feel 'love' and share a relationship with another of his kind. After becoming inspired by an adult novel in Hercules possession called Bob and Margaret (Kame Sen'nin's favourite book), he reached a kind of emotional climax that spurred his steam vents to birth another entity from himself. Rather than being made of his evil, it was made of his love. Her name was Booby and they created a baby together, copying human relations in an innocently interpreted way. They created Baby Boo and thus was the start of a prolific Earth race, that eventually by Age 1000, was one of three dominant humanoid races on Earth.

Judging by the architecture of djinn settlements, Mr. Boo continues to be praised as a kind of deity by these people. His power has been divided into each member of the species.

Techniques, Abilities & Weaponry[]

List of Abilities[]

Djinn Regeneration | Djinn Absorption | Djinn Reconfiguration

List of Known Techniques[]

Spread Ball | Hurricane Dash | Transmutation Beam | Hazard Breath | Megaton Drop | Detonation