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"Half of her is one of us, but the other half is one of no one...."-Kuririn (DB080)

Two Personalities in One Body[]

Son Goku and Kuririn's first assignment under Kame Sen'nin's training was to find a female companion for them who was attractive and nice natured. Lunch was the woman they found, however she has a strange condition that made things more complictaed.

Lunch has two personalities. The blue-haired Lunch is sweet, harmless and a great cook. However when she sneezes, her hair turns yellow and she becomes savage, dangerous and a great gunsman. When Son Goku and Kuririn found her she'd just robbed a bank and was on the run from the police.

Unrequited Love[]

Lunch lived at Kame House for years, until she laid her eyes on Tenshinhan at the 22nd Ten'kaichi Budokai. Smitten by his 'savagery' and good looks, she fell in love. After a time, she left to pursue him and never once returned in any future chapter of Dragon Ball Z. Tenshinhan did however, but never mentioned Lunch at all. This suggests that Lunch's attraction to him was unreturned and she never was able to steal his heart.

Abilities, Techniques & Weaponry[]

List of Abilities[]

Personality Switching Sneeze

List of Known Techniques[]

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  • Because Lunch never returned after her last appearance, she was originally set to appear in Tale 321 Just Not Enough along with Upa, Bora, 8-Man and Snow to give her energy to the Genki Dama. This was changed at the last minute to No. 17, but the dialogue was kept the same, causing a minor plot-hole as No. 17 and Son Goku had never met.

    A sketch of Lunch about to send her energy to Son Goku.