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A.K.A. -
Age of Birth Unknown
Origin Unknown (World Trade Orginization)
Species Unknown
Power Level 18,000
First Appearance -
Last Appearance -

Kiwi was a member of the World Trade Orginization and a rival of Vegetas. His power level was equal to his, topping at around about 18,000. It's unknown what kind of rank, or role he had within the business but it was likely similar to Vegetas. When Vegeta returned from Earth, Kiwi mocked him for having trouble with such a weak planet. Vegeta ignored his gloates however, which angered Kiwi. He decided to follow him to Namek, wherein he challenged him to a fight unhappy with the fact Vegeta was rebelling against their master; Freeza.

Kiwi was utterly destroyed by Vegeta, his body flung into the sky and dismembered by a thrust of chi. Kiwi was the first of many casualties on the World Trade Orginization, inflicted by Vegeta's rebellious rampage.

Dragon Ball Online[]

Towa takes control of Kiwi, causing him to grow larger, for a mission in Dragon Ball Online.


  • Kiwi is named after the kiwi fruit, as many of Freezas subordinates are named after fruit.