Kinto'Un]] is a magical flying cloud that is used as a mount to take the owner anywhere they desire by air. Kinto'Un flies at remarkably high speeds and is controlled by the owner's mind. Kinto'Un requires the owner have a pure heart in order to use it, otherwise they will fall through it as if it were made of air.

In olden times, Kinto'Un where widely used modes of transportation and seen often about Earth. However as the inhabitants of Earth became more corrupted, their usage dwindled until come the times of Dragon Ball, Son Goku is the only person with one.

Kinto'Un's first appearance was in Tale 4 They Call Him...the Turtle Hermit!, when Kame Sen'nin gives it to Son Goku as a reward for bringing his Turtle back to the ocean.


Karin Sen'nin gave a Kinto'Un to Kame Sen'nin after he climbed up Karin's Pole.

Kame Sen'nin gave the same Kinto'Un to Son Goku as a reward for bringing his Turtle back to him (DB004).

Colonel Silver destroyed Kinto'Un with his panzer faust, but Son Goku was able to call Kinto'Un back after he realized such an attack couldn't kill him.

Kinto'Un was properly killed by Tambourine however, and Son Goku had to recieve a new one from Karin Sen'nin.

Son Goku gave Kinto'Un to his son, Son Gohan after he was killed by Cell.

After Son Gohan took up the Great Saiyaman persona, he passed the magical cloud on to his younger brother Son Goten.

Son Goku reacquired ownership of Kinto'Un after he came back to life again.

Son Goku passed the cloud on to his new protege Oob, before they begun their training.

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