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King Cold
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After Freeza was defeated on Planet Namek, King Cold found his body and issued a repair. King Cold saved Freeza from the brink of death and turned him into a Cyborg. He then accompanied Freeza to Planet Earth so as to oversee his vengeance exacted.

Dragonball Z[]

The Era of Freeza[]

The Era of Cell[]

King Colds cells were collected during his brief stay on Earth and used in the construction of Cell.



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Other Appearances[]

Neko Majin Z[]

  • In the parody series Neko Majin Z, King Cold has a grandson called Kuriza who makes a cameo appearance.


  • All of King Cold's family members names' are related to the theme of low temperature.
  • King Cold's appearance is extremely similar to Freeza's 'second form'. This suggests that King Cold wasn't repressed as much as Freeza due to being weaker, or that King Cold transformed once and never reverted back.
  • King Cold's race is portrayed as androgynous, however his title of 'King' and 'Daddy' suggests that it has two sexes. King Cold's 'wife' or 'Queen' is never shown, however.
  • In the anime, King Cold has another son called 'Cooler', who's story is almost identical to Freezas.