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This technique creates a razor-sharp disc of chi, that slices through anything it passes through once thrown. The technique was initially developed by Kuririn while training for the arrival of the Saiyans. However, Son Goku and Vegeta have both imitated the technique in times of desperation. Freeza also possesses his own variant of the technique, the difference being that they home in on the enemy until they strike.

Kuririn has also used variations of the technique, such as firing multiple Ki-Enzans rapidly. He did this against Freeza, causing him to lose the tip of his tail.

Dragon Ball Online[]


The Ki-Enzan skill can be learned at level 26 by Spiritualists, as a branch off from the Sôkidan skill.


Dragon Spirit!![]

This HTB skill is learn-able from level 30 by Spiritualists and involves the usage of Ki-Enzan. The user summons two chi discs and then controls them in a similar fashion to the Sôkidan.


Consecutive Disks[]

Learned from level 48 by Turtle Hermits, as a branch-off of the Super Kamehameha Skill.