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Kame Sen'nin (Muten-Roshi)
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The Invincible Old Master[]

Kame Sen'nin is a legendary martial arts prodigy, once known across the land as the 'invincible old master'. He and Tsuru Sen'nin were the pupils of Mutaito, before each going on to found the Turtle School and the Crane School respectively. Kame Sen'nin lived his life centuries before growing old and drinking the Elixir of Immortality, which stopped him from aging. He is at least 300 years old. Kame Sen'nin despises his only living family member, his older sister Uranai Baba.

Kame Sen'nin became involved in the story after rewarding Bulma with a dragon ball he skimmed off the ocean floor three centuries prior. Later, it came to light that Kame Sen'nin was in fact the master of Gyū-Maō and Son Gohan, the latter of whom is the adoptive grandfather of Son Goku. Sometime later, Son Goku sought training from Kame Sen'nin, to which he reluctantly agreed to after Son Goku delivered him a sexy woman (Lunch). Kuririn also requested training at the same time and was accepted because he brought Kame Sen'nin pornographic magazines. Yamcha joined the Turtle School eventually to, and much later, so did Tsuru Sen'nin's pupils, Tenshinhan and Chouzu.

By the end of Dragon Ball Z, Kame Sen'nin is still living on the island in the ocean with his pet Turtle, along with No. 18, Kuririn and their daughter Marron. Kuririn took over his spot as the Turtle Master sometime afterward and it's unknown if he's still alive come the time of Dragon Ball Online.

Teaches Budō and Bujutsu.

Jackie Chun[]

Dragon Ball Online[]


Kame Sen'nin does appear in Dragon Ball Online, though the context is at this point unknown. It is not unlikely however, as he is immortal.

Abilities, Techniques & Weaponry[]

List of Known Techniques[]

Kamehameha | Zanzōken | Sui-Ken | Minminken | Bankoku-bikkuri-shou | Hypnosis | Mafû-Ba


  • Kame Sen'nin has a driver's license.