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Kaio Shin Sama
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Species Kaio Shin
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Thousands of years ago, Kaio Shin Sama was one of four Kaio Shins, residing on the Holy Sphere underneath the Great Lord of Lords. However, things were disrupted when the evil djinn Boo came to the planet and fought them. He killed two of the lords, and absorbed two others; including the Great Lord. Kaio Shin Sama survived the onslaught barely and Boo left, now a changed being.

Kaio Shin Sama pursued Boo's creator Bibbidi and killed him, forcing Boo to remain sealed in his shell for millenia thereafter.

At some point, Kaio Shin Sama acquired an assistant named Kibito.

Many millenia later, Kaio Shin Sama learned of Bibbidi's son Bobbidi, who was working to ressurect Boo. He took preventative action and travelled to Bobbidi's next destination, Earth, in an attempt to thwart his plans and kill him.

Things did not go so well however and Boo was awakened, however he was eventually destroyed and the universe was saved.

Potara Fusion[]

After his ancient ancestor was released from imprisonment inside the Zeta Sword, he informed Kaio Shin Sama and Kibito of the magical effects of the earrings they wore. Curious, Kaio Shin Sama decided to test it and fused with Kibito. The fusion was a success, however to their dismay they learned that the fusion was permanent. From that moment onwards, Kaio Shin Sama was no more and had become a part of Kibito Kaio.