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"Ah, foolish youth. To the enlightened mind, the smallest world holds fascinations without end. Here I am fulfilled counting the blades of grass... Charting the patterns of the heavens... Seeing how far I can pee... My latest occupation... ...Is driving." -(DBZ017)

A.K.A. Lord of the Northern Galaxy
Age of Birth Unknown
Origin Cosmos
Species Lord of Worlds
Power Level 3,500
First Appearance -
Last Appearance -

The Lord of Worlds[]

When Son Goku was killed by Piccolo, his body was repaired and sent to the afterlife by Kami Sama, so that he may cross the Serpent Road and find [[Kaiō-Sama]]--The Lord of Worlds--for training.

[[Kaiō-Sama]] is a powerful martial arts master, overshadowing King Enma. He resides on a tiny [[Kaiō-Sama's Planet|planet]] that floats above the tip of the Serpent Road's tail. There he has a small house, a car, a couple of trees and a pet monkey named Bubbles. The gravity on this small planet is ten times that of Earth.

[[Kaiō-Sama]] is under the delusion that he is a comedy legend, but in fact is not very funny at all. When Son Goku came to him for training, [[Kaiō-Sama]] assumed he wanted comedy training and was surprised at his lack of interest.

[[Kaiō-Sama]] is in fact one of four lords of worlds, each one assigned to a different quadrant of the universe. [[Kaiō-Sama]] is the lord of the northern worlds. By positioning himself correctly, he can see whatever is happening on any world under his jurisdiction. He can also communicate with people through his mind. Anyone touching his shoulder can also use [[Kaiō-Sama]] as a medium to communicate with a desired individual.

The Grueling Regime[]

[[Kaiō-Sama]] trained Son Goku and taught him two incredibly powerful techniques; the Kaio Ken and the Genki Dama Spirit Ball. A little while after, Yamcha, Kuririn, Tenshinhan, Chouzu and Piccolo also came for training.

An Unfortunate Death[]

[[Kaiō-Sama]] watched over Earth as Son Gohan fought against Cell. After Cell was about to blow himself up to destroy the Earth, Son Goku teleported Cell to the first person he thought of; [[[[Kaiō-Sama]]. This is how [[Kaiō-Sama]] was killed, along with Bubbles and his planet. Being a lord of worlds however, he was able to keep his body and continue to reside in the Upper World.