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'Immortal' is a term given to label a character who possesses immortality. By standard definitions, this means someone who cannot die. However in the Dragon Ball universe, it's meaning is slightly different. In this universe, Immortal only means that you can't die through natural causes, such as age. This is because immortal characters such as Kame Sen'nin and Piccolo have been killed before.

A confusing contradiction to this however is that Vegeta was desperate to obtain immortality from Porunga and believed it would enable him to defeat Freeza. In line with the rules, he would not be any more likely to defeat Freeza whether he's immortal or not. Vegeta never attained this wish however and it may simply be that Vegeta was not aware of this actuality.

List of Immortal Characters[]

  • Piccolo- Inheritted immortality from his parent (Piccolo Dai Mao), who wished for it from Shen Long.
  • Kame Sen'nin- Obtained it from drinking the elixir of immortality.
  • Mr. Popo- Was created to serve Earth's gods and as such does not age.
  • Mr. Boo- As a powerful djinn, he is immortal by default. However he lost this through creating more djinn from himself.

Speculated to be Immortal[]