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"But you are still within human limits! In order to become a master of martial arts, you must break the wall of humanity! That is the challenge!"-Kame Sen'nin (DB028)


Humans are the dominant species of planet Earth and the closest race in the Dragon Ball universe to real-world humans; us.

Humans are a diverse people with many sub-cultures. As Earth underwent many dire threats and even survived total annihalation, it's natural that humans developed a passion for combat and protecting their world, idolizing martial arts heroes like Hercule. When Groundbreaking Science was released, knowledge of chi control and advanced martial arts techniques was spread into the human knowledge and humans became more powerful as a species.

Humans also cross-bred with the two surviving saiyans of Planet Vegeta (Son Goku and Vegeta). It is said that by Age 1000, humans possess latent saiyan potential, though it's unlikely that all humans do.

Human Classes[]


These Humans specialize in melee combat and martial arts of said nature. The two most popular advanced branches of Budoka are specializing in either a bo or a sword.


Budoka who specialize in the needle bo, a kind of staff that changes length in a similar fashion to the Nyoi-Bo of legend, a weapon iconically used by Son Goku.


Budoka who specialize in the sword and channeling chi into said sword. This martial arts school was founded by Son Goten and Trunks respectively, the latter of whom is well known for his swordplay.


These Humans specialize in chi manipulation and generally 'spiritual' combat techniques. It is divided into the disciplines of the Turtle School and the Crane School respectively.


Disciples of the Turtle School after it was revived by Kuririn. Specialists in teamwork. They use staves.


Disciples of the Crane School after it was revived by Tenshinhan. Specialists in chi amplification and creative usages of chi. They use fans of similar property to the Basho-Sen.