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Hesteric Shaman
Level 7 : 1621 (SUPER)
Life Points 382
Energy Points 1035
Classification Cultivar
Species Childling
Sub-Species Shaman
Location Flanflan Desert
Attacks Leaf Throw
Abilities Spores


The Hesteric Shaman is a type of Shaman Cultivar found in Flanflan Desert. They look like regular cultivars only smaller and with very short limbs and large torsos. They are pink in colour and hold a large, spiky leaf which they use as a weapon.

Hesteric Shamans are aggresive and attack anyone that nears it, regardless of how powerful they are.

It emerges from the earth, implying that it lives underground or gestates underground as is common with cultivars.

It attacks by throwing leaves and occasionally spinning, to release a magical spore which inflicts a status ailment on the target.