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"I-I'll make a Shish Kebab out of you... Heh heh... Maybe you'll taste good roasted..."-(DBZ080)

A.K.A. -
Age of Birth Unknown
Origin Unknown
Species Unknown (Mutant/Alien)
Power Level 10,000
First Appearance -
Last Appearance -

Member of the Ginyu Special Force[]

Gurd was a mutant from an unknown planet, born with supernatural power. However it was not this strength that got him recruited into the Ginyu Special Force, it was his unusual talents. Gurd has the power to freeze time and other powerful telekinetic, psychic abilities that make him a fearful foe. Strength-wise however, he is the weakest member of the team. Even his amazing abilities come at a cost, giving him a glaring weakness.

While battling against Kuririn and Son Gohan, he was dumbfounded by their speed which they used to overcome his Time Freeze traps. After using up all of his energy, he was forced to resort to Telekinetic Paralysis. He froze them in place in mid-air, then hurtled a sharpened tree-trunk at them to impale them. Vegeta used the opportunity to decapitate Gurd. Gurd was then killed.

Abilities, Techniques & Weaponry[]


Time Freeze | Psychokinesis | Telekinetic Paralysis