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Gravel Gremlin
Level 10 : 2737 (SUPER)
Life Points 450
Energy Points 1200
Classification Cultivar
Species Childling
Sub-Species Land Childling
Location Flanflan Desert
Attacks Launch Acid
Abilities -


The Gravel Gremlin is a type of Cultivar found in Flanflan Desert. They look like regular cultivars only smaller and with shorter preportions. They're coated in a rocky carapace and comprised of greys and browns, much like their rocky and barren habitats.

They are a higher level version of Gravel Goblin.

They are aggresive and attack anyone that nears it, regardless of how powerful they are.

It emerges from the earth, implying that it lives underground or gestates underground as is common with cultivars.

It attacks by launching acid from it's head, and prefers to fight from a distance using this technique.

Their official names are unknown as of yet, 'Gravel Gremlin' is a temporary name.