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Age of Birth Age 774
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Species 50% Human, 50% Saiyan
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The Fused Warrior[]

Gotenks is a fusion of Son Goten and Trunks. Son Goku learned the Metamor Fusion Dance technique from a group of Metamors in the afterlife. He taught the technique to Son Goten and Trunks so that they may use it to defeat Boo. Piccolo continued to train them in his absence and Gotenks was born shortly afterwards.

The first couple of tries were failures, resulting in a fat, unfit and stupid Gotenks and a sickly thin and old-looking Gotenks. The third try produced the correct Gotenks however, who's chi shook Kami's Palace.

Gotenks doesn't take anything particularly seriously and treats combat like a game. He's reckless and cocky, a dangerous combination of traits from his components. While fighting Boo, he spent more time coming up with funny poses and names for his attacks than actually winning the battle, much to the distress of Piccolo.

Abilities, Techniques & Weaponry[]


Super Saiyan | Super Saiyan Level Two | Super Saiyan Level Three


Super Kamikaze Ghost Strike | Dynamite Kick | Rolling Thunder Punch | Wild Boar Attack | Power Tackle | Miracle Super Punch | Special Giant Kick | Magnum Sundae | Ultra Missile Parfait | Hyper Plasma Shortcake | Galactica Donut | Super Donut Chain | Ultra Boo-Boo Volleyball | Death Missile Chain


  • The name Gotenks is a blend of Goten and Trunks.
  • Piccolo mistakingly calls Gotenks Trunten.