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Trunks was born in the Alternate Timeline to Bulma and Vegeta, who were not an official couple at the time. The Androids came while he was a baby, killing his father and most of the other fighters who defend Earth.

Trunks grew up with his mother and friend Son Gohan. Gohan taught Trunks how to fight and they trained together for years in hopes of one day being able to defeat the Androids. The pair survived many encounters with them, and in one such encounter Gohan lost his arm.

One fateful day, Gohan was killed by one of the Androids and this was when Trunks unlocked his ability to turn Super Saiyan for the first time.

When he was 17 years old, his mother devised a Time Machine for Trunks to use so he could travel back in time 20 years to warn everyone of the Androids arrival. He hoped that by doing so he could create a better future, and maybe even learn of the Androids weakness so that he could save his own.

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