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A.K.A. Lord Freeza
Age of Birth Unknown
Origin Unknown (Planet Freeza No. 1?)
Species Unknown (same as King Cold)
Power Level 120,000,000+
First Appearance -
Last Appearance -


Freeza's Tyrannical Reign[]

Freeza is the ruthless and merciless leader of the World Trade Orginization and during his reign, regarded as the strongest being in the universe. It's unknown how his huge and tyranical empire came into being, but it's implied to have been around for a very long time, as the Saiyans have apparently been under his command for decades.

Freeza is cold, selfish and hedonistic. Born with incredibly power, his physical form was forceably repressed so as to keep it under control. Freeza's combat style is revolved around demolition and apocalyptic techniques. He has developed attacks that can destroy worlds in the blink of an eye, or detonative time bombs that cause worlds to destroy themselves over periods of time. Freeza can survive in the void of space, making him terrifically hard to kill. Freeza owns at least 79 different worlds, all renamed Planet Freeza after him.

Freeza is insecure about his power however. Intimidated by the legend of the Super Saiyan, he destroyed Planet Vegeta, wiping out most of the Saiyans. He kept Vegeta alive however and the Saiyans he was with at the time. He also lied to Vegeta, claiming it to have been destroyed by an asteroid collision.

The Fall of Freeza[]

After learning about the dragonballs, Freeza took a small army to Namek to hunt them down. His desire was to gain immortality, so no being could ever topple him from his podium. His greatest fear was realized however when Son Goku rose to challenge him and acquired Super Saiyan status. Freeza was defeated, but his life was spared. His body was completely wrecked, however.

Freeza's father found him and repaired his body with cybernetic enhancements, then returned to Earth with him to get revenge on Son Goku. The time traveller Trunks killed him with ease however. Despite Son Goku's hope that Freeza would learn his lesson from his defeat, Freeza remained stuck in his evil ways. His reward was a quick and merciless death at the hands of Trunks.

Dragon Ball Online[]

Members of The World Trade Orginization recruited by Miira wear an insignia that may be depicting Freeza's horned head.

Abilities, Techniques & Weaponry[]

List of Abilities[]

Psychokinesis | Precognition

List of Known Techniques[]

Flex Laser | Freeza Cutter | Death Ball | Red Sphere | Fissure Slash | Giant Ground Explosion


  • Freeza and his father's names are both based on low tempurature.
  • In the parody manga Neko Majin Z, Freeza has a son called Kreeza. It's unlikely Kreeza exists in the continuity however.