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Level 10 : 1545
Life Points 300
Energy Points 500
Classification Cultivar
Species Seedling
Sub-Species Aerial Seedling
Location Flanflan Desert
Attacks -
Abilities -


The Epiflyte is a type of Cultivar found in Flanflan Desert. They're small, round and yellow heads with grey faces and red eyes. They have four short grey shoots for legs with a pair of large flap-like wings that flutter at a high speed to keep them afloat. Epiflyte's also have a long red crest poking out of their heads that splits at the end.

They appear at level 10 in the central regions of the desert. They appear to be higher level versions of Pollenators and Dandylions.

It attacks by glowing a bright orange and lunging at it's opponent.

Their official names are unknown as of yet, 'Epiflyte' is a temporary name.