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Earth, or Dragon Earth as it is sometimes referred to, is the primary planetary setting for Dragon Ball. It's a world located in the Northern Galaxy, predimantly inhabited by Humans, Humanoids and after a time, Namekians, Djinn and Yardrat as well.

Earth is a mixed landscape consisting of wasteland, arid deserts, bountiful oceans, tropical islands, snowy mountains, verdant fields and thick forests. It is comprised of one large super-continent, surrounded by two smaller isalnd continents and small islands peppered all around. It does not bare much resemblance with our Earth at all.

Earth Regions[]

  • Flanflan Desert- Giran's Village, Namu's Village, Bay Village, Underground Waterway, Baba's Palace, etc
  • Karin Forest- Karin's Tower, Kami-Sama's Palace, Bora's Village, Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, etc
  • Kinoko Rocks- Rabbit Village, Pilaf's Fortress, Fry-Pan Mountain, etc
  • Papaya Island- Ten'kaichi Budokai Arena, Training Island, The Jungle, etc
  • Porunga Rocks- Gohan's Training Ground, etc
  • Westlands- West City, etc
  • Yahhoi
  • Yunzabit Heights