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Dune Bug
Dune bug
Level 6 : 754
Life Points 434
Energy Points 316
Classification Insect
Species Whistlebug
Sub-Species Cricket
Location Flanflan Desert
Abilities ability


The Dune Bug is a type of Whistlebug Insect found in the Flanflan Desert. They resemble bipedal, somewhat humanoid crickets with happy faces and round eyes. Their bodies are oval shaped and have two large antenna poking out the top. They have two arms and two legs, with green gloves and boots respectively, very similar to those of Mr. Boo of whom characterizes the Flanflan Desert Djinn settlements. They have a whistle hanging around their necks.

Their official names are unknown as of yet, 'Ladybug' and 'Whistlebug' are temporary terms until they're known.

They wander around the sands and occasionally stop to have a little whistle and a jig.