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The Djinn are a prominent race in the Dragon Ball universe. They are magical beings with unusual powers, usually created to serve a kind of purpose. Boo was a mistake however and served no purpose but to destroy, until the good souls he consumed tamed him. Mr. Boo created a wife named Booby, and together they greated a baby by the name of Baby Boo. That was the beginning of a new race on Earth, the race known as the Djinn. However these are a special race of djinn, there still exist other djinn such as the assistant to Kami-Sama, Mr. Popo. Even Shen Long and Porunga could be interpeted to be kinds of djinn.


The Djinn that descended from Mr. Boo are optimistic and joyful as a people, and dedicate themselves to making fun times for others, exemplified by Boo World, a theme park. They can become dangerous if angered or made confused, however.



Jolly and uplifting Djinn.


Musical Dai-O-Djinn who boost the spirits of their allies with uplifting tunes. Granma

Food connoisseurs who torment their foes with food-shaped weapons and techniques, presumably derived from Mr. Boos obsession with food and his desire to transform his enemies into candy.


These Djinn are somewhat corrupt and influenced by 'sin'. They are selfish and indulgent.


They use drums to draw out the power of nature and fill their friends with rhythm. Karma

Iconicized by masks, which represent their 'dark past's. They use these masks to frighten and entrance their enemies.

List of Djinn Characters[]