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A.K.A. Kami-Sama
Age of Birth Unknown
Origin Namek, Muri's Village
Species Namekian
Power Level Fairly Low
First Appearance -
Last Appearance -

Dende was a Healer Namekian, Scion of the Dragon Clan and 108th son of The Great Elder. He became involved in the story when Freeza was pillaging villages on Namek for their dragon balls. Dende was in Muris village when Freeza came and killed his friend Scargo. Son Gohan and Kuririn saved him from the menacing Dodoria and flew away, taking him back to their hideout wherein he disclosed information about the Namekian people and culture.

He slowly became friends with Kuririn and Son Gohan and helped them in their cause, with the hopes that they would help his people fight Freeza. During the desperation, Dende has his potential awakened which boosts his power. He did this so he could fly to a destination faster.

It came to light during the fighting that Dende possessed the talent of healing. Through magic, Dende could fully heal someone from any injury, even if they were on the brink of death. The heroes took advantage of this ability, especially Vegeta whom Dende was incredibly hesitant to help.

After Namek was destroyed, Dende stayed on Earth for roughly a year before they were taken to a new world, called New Namek. Some years later, Earth was in need of a god. Having been infatuated with Earth and his friends there, Dende agreed to become their god and created a new set of dragon balls for them. He then stayed on Earth, permanently, as it's god.

Dende welcomed the Namekian people to Earth when New Namek was destroyed in Age 853. He became regarded as the greatest spiritual teacher in Namekian history.